Attention with starting vncserver on Ubuntu

At work I have an Ubuntu machine which is always up and running. Therefore I want to connect to it from everywhere. The idea is to have some sort of remote desktop / desktop sharing tool.

NoMachine stopped working for me a couple of years ago. And I admit I never tried the newest version since then.

xrdp does work, but I never got the keyboard mapping right.

Today I tried vncserver, and wondered why the installation description(s) let you create a separate user. Now I know:
I called vncserver with my regular account. Besides not being able to connect from the remote client, I was not able to login to the Ubuntu desktop natively any more! After a long despair time, and with the help of my colleagues (Ctrl-Alt-F1 for console login…), I found the root cause in the logs: My ~/.Xauthority file was owned by root, and my regular user had no rights to change it during login.
My advice to you is: create a separate user if you really feel you should try out vncserver.

So finally I gave X2Go a go, and this worked! The Windows client often crashes when you manage your sessions, but once all is set up it works as desired.

Please be aware: Your remote mileage may vary …

Agile Architecture

The last 3 days I had the pleasure of attending an Architecture Workshop hold by Stefan Toth (@st_toth). We were designing and building a Lego Mindstorm ball path in 3 iterations.


He challenged us with difficult requirements, time restrictions, risk based priorities and much more. The team had great fun and learned a lot about the daily architecture work on the way.

Thanks, Stefan!

You can read more about Stefan here (in German)